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Protect your business from cyber liability risks and data security losses.  Texas Partners Insurance Group offers cyber liability insurance for your business in Texas.

Your business may face cyber threats. It takes a partner at the forefront of the cyber curve to help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from the attacks. Our Cyber Liability Insurance markets can help guide you through cyber risks to your business.

Why Does Your Business Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

If your business manages or collects your customer’s personal information, then you already know that state and federal laws regarding the loss, theft, or possible compromise of personal data can create a costly obligation to your company.

Each business potential loss is correlated to the number of customers you have in your system. Cyber breaches continue to be a concern for business owners who conduct business over the internet or are required to connect to the internet.

Covered Risks in your Cyber Liability Insurance Policy

A cyber insurance policy is generally a package of coverage that includes protection for multiple risks.

Data Breach Liability provides protection from damages suffered by your clients due to unintended release of private information.

Security Breach Liability Protection from damages suffered by your clients due to network security failures

Regulatory Defense Expense Assists businesses lower the cost of complying with state and/or federal laws regarding breach notifications Data Breach Expense Helps pay for potential third-party costs related to identifying and preventing breaches.

Cyber Extortion Threat Expense Covers the expense of paying extortions to unlock your data or website.

Reputational Damage Find assistance fixing your relationship with clients who may worry about working with your business in the future due to security issues.

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